About me

Jess blogs from New York in her spare time (because really, who blogs for their profession…No, seriously tell me how I can do this professionally).

She holds a Master’s Degree that she has yet to utilize but is still paying off. She works for a Girls Empowerment non-profit and prefers Netflix to nightclubs.

On any given day she can be thinking about her career goals, Justin Timberlake, having kids, building a portfolio, Banana Republic’s latest sale, how many calories are in an egg McMuffin, why there hasn’t been a woman president in this country yet, her family, buying a house, moving to Italy for a year, why Michele Pfeiffer never ages, how Michele Pfeiffer never ages, the appeal of Don Draper and why she’s never been able to pull off the color yellow. If you think about it, it’s a lot of stuff.


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