Jada Pinkett Smith gains 8-10 pounds and isn’t instantly tarred and feathered for the repulsive human being she has become. Bravo World.



Perhaps you heard recently that Jada Pinkett Smith as gained 8-10 pounds on her tiny frame and is fine with it. Oh no? You haven’t?

Well you can catch up here http://en-maktoob.news.yahoo.com/jada-pinkett-smith-enjoys-weight-gain-115820410.html

Or in this completely different article about it http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/entertainment/2014/02/jada-pinkett-smith-flaunts-fuller-figure/

Or then there is this one. http://celebrity.yahoo.com/news/jada-pinkett-smith-says-shes-gained-8-10-000000251-us-weekly.html;_ylt=AwrBEiQc_hBTDQ0AzRrQtDMD

Or maybe you noticed the day she said it she was the number seven trending item on Yahoo!

Is this really “news”? (I’m clearly not using the proper definition of news which would be newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events, but instead the way that we actually use the word news to mean anything any celebrity or non celebrity says, tweets, instagrams, or snapchats.- Do I sound enough like a crotchety old man yet? No? Don’t worry, I’ll get there) And even by that standard this is hardly “news”. So why is it such a big deal?

I get it. Gaining even a few pounds is rough for anyone, especially someone in the media and I applaud Jada for recognizing it and owning it. I’m sure she didn’t announce her fatness to make several media outlets “cover story” but that’s my point. This woman, who by all accounts still looks really good is being recognized for just saying, “Hey, I’m a human being. I’ve gained weight.” If JPS hadn’t come out on her own and said she was cool with this would I be reading in the Enquirer (yes, I read that) about what a disgusting pig of a women she has become and how she has fallen into a deep, self loathing depression and let herself go after Will clearly cheated on her with Michele Obama? Would a guy get the same attention for gaining an amount of weight in the single digits? Or would the media be as transfixed on her words if she talked about her charity work?

So it goes back to this. Why are women reduced to their looks at every turn? When we accept ourselves because we’ve gained weight the world is astonished. When we gain weight and say nothing the worlds is aghast. When we lose weight and look sickly, probably because we’ve been villainized for gaining any in the first place the world pities us. When is the world going to get off our case about it?

Girls begin to worry about their weight as young as eight years old. This can’t be healthy. So the next time a female celebrity says “I’ve put on a few” lets just give her a pass and say “meehh”.

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One Response to Jada Pinkett Smith gains 8-10 pounds and isn’t instantly tarred and feathered for the repulsive human being she has become. Bravo World.

  1. vsemola says:

    Great article!

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