Girls Just Want to Have Fundamental Human Rights


A friend directed me to a website called ‘a voice for men’ and as I read through it I was pretty disgusted. The website’s purpose, as far as I can tell (I stopped reading after a few minutes due to my mind being incredulously blown) is to let the world know how unfair to men (and women) women’s rights are. How domestic violence and rape are ways in which women control men and statistics on these acts are false and skewed way too far toward women being victims. (Backed up by some sort of scientific research?) This group, in various articles and poster describe women (feminist) as “bat shit crazy”, “bigots” and tells us, lest we be misled, “just because you regret it doesn’t make it rape”.

There is even have a section titled ‘women’ with video upon video of women talking about how ridiculous it is for women to demand to be treated equally in society, to demand equal representaion, to, dare we say it, expect parity in the work place. (Which, to me just kind of seems like a way for the movement to say, “See? See? We are right. Women think so too.” Although if they are such women haters I’m not sure why they curry our opinion on their “cause”).

Like I said, my first reaction to this was outrage. But then I realized there are probably a million other websites out there just like this, that everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how stupid and that rather than be angry, I realized this is a fringe group who will never speak for the masses.

As I read on I saw that these men have come together because they feel marginalized, less than, oppressed. They are upset because they feel that they are being treated unfairly. I hear ya girlfriend! Women have only been allowed to vote since 1920. Less than 100 years. Women still make less than men for the same job and we actually had to have a law prohibiting that because it’s not just common sense that women should make the same amount. Women hold only 20% of the seats on congress (there has never been a women president) and make up roughly 25% of the movie producers in this country. Not to mention only 4% are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. So guys, I feel your pain. Solidarity sister!!

I don’t believe feminism is a man-hating group whose sole purpose is to immaculate men and make them feel inferior. I see it as a way the world can work together more peacefully, intelligently and harmoniously by having both sexes valued equally with their voices all carrying the same worth.

I feel as if I’m very close to getting preachy so I will end this blog post with the most hilarious video ever to hit the Internet.

When I saw this I was sure it was a hilariously well-crafted, satirical joke.  I thought, “Funny or Die, you did it again. Genius.” But then I saw that this apparently is real. Of course the heartfelt passion and enthusiasm behind this woman’s dead eyed stare would make anyone (especially women) see how silly it is to be treated fairly.

While this woman loves telling us she doesn’t “need a man” I think she may have missed the point that male-female relationships (or any real relationships) aren’t about keeping score, but about having a healthy, mature, supportive partner.

My theory is that she probably made this video to impress some guy. I think putting on lipstick and high heels would have been a better use of her time.

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3 Responses to Girls Just Want to Have Fundamental Human Rights

  1. Dawn says:

    Lol…men feel marginalized! Walk a mile in my shoes buddy…silly lil willies!

  2. Hazel1014 says:

    So basically, the entire premise of this website is – “Yo, biatch, I am trying to dominate, crush and extinguish you and your spirit – do you mind shutting the hell up and letting me get on with it!!!! And while you’re at it, bring me a beer, goddamit!” Jeez….

  3. Periwinkle says:

    A “friend” directed you to “A Voice for Men”? What sort of friend would do that?

    You are also correct in assuming that there is a whole community of sites like this – calling themselves MRAs (“Men’s Rights Activists”), PUAs (“Pick-Up-Artists”) and MGTOW (“Men Going Their Own Way”). I find the site Man Boobz (“Misogyny. I mock it.”) to be helpful in summarising current activity in their sick corner of the Internet without having to wade through it (and their advertising) myself:

    Do we really need to know what’s going on in their sick corner of the Internet? Sadly, yes. It seeps out all too frequently, and the best response is often to publicly quote them, accurately and completely. In particular, Man Boobz observes that A Voice for Men continues to host a manifesto advising readers to burn down courthouses and police station:

    The writer of this manifesto committed suicide over a custody dispute – a violent, petulant act which the MRAs celebrate. (Trigger warning for acts of violence against women in the link below.)

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