Dammmn Guurrl! Did you go on a cartoon diet?


Hey Girl. You look great. Have you been cartoon dieting? It’s totally working. Or did you get a cartoon defrizz treatment? And that dress? Was that cartoon altered? Whatever you did, you’ll have no problem snagging a man now that you got rid of that pesky, useless bow and arrow. Good for you. Guys don’t like girls who are Brave. (These, I assume are the compliments the new Merida was created to illicit).

Booooo Disney.


For once you’re not in the news for the inhumane way you treat your employees.

Instead you took a character whose sole purpose in being created was to let people know all your princess movies aren’t about finding a guy and you gave her a makeover so she was prettier, better to look at, more appealing? Which were you going for?

The differences are obvious, of course. Dress off the shoulders instead of up to the neck. Hair waiver and prettier as opposed to messy tangles. Cinched in waist verses…normal waist. It serves absolutely no one to have made these changes except that we just expect women to be sexy and sexier (and sexiest).

It probably didn’t even occur to the people making these changes that it could have a negative effect on young women and men. They probably just looked at the original Merida and thought, “Huh. Something doesn’t look right on this character. She looks too much like a 16-year-old girl might if she were a cartoon. Let’s just make a few adjustments and make her look like a 16-year-old girl might if she were a “hotter” cartoon.”

(Although I have to admit I thought the movie itself was a little weak. Her mom turns into a bear and she has to unbear her? Ehhhh. I’ve seen better. Spoiler alert. Are those supposed to come before the reveal? Whoops.)

I’m glad people are angry about this and writing petitions to have Merida go back to her original look but I’d also love to see people get this mad when they see the same thing on television night after night featuring real young women (or characters) who are overly sexualized and their mission in life is to find a guy. (I’m looking at you The Bachelorette, 90210, Bratz, anything MTV puts out).

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2 Responses to Dammmn Guurrl! Did you go on a cartoon diet?

  1. Merida should start a cartoon book club with Belle, Ariel and the other DP’s. They never have to read any books – like all book clubs – but they could get together and bitch about stuff – like mainly how they’re drawn so grossly.

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