Chunky cheerleaders need not apply.


(Click on page to make bigger and please make sure to check out the poll questions under the article. “This woman has no business wearing that outfit in front of people.” Nice.)

Bravo lady blogger.

Don’t get me wrong, I love making fun of people as much as the next a-hole. (Have you seeeeeen Gwyneth Paltrow’s third toe on her right foot? Yikes! Most beautiful woman my rear-end.)

But this is sort of a ‘mean girl’ approach to going at someone. The writer tells everyone, “good for her” (for having pudginess around her waistline) then basically says ‘yeah, but let’s let everyone else take a stab at telling you how fat and unattractive you are, come on it’ll be fun’. Seriously, why draw attention if you are ‘fine’ with it, and then ask people to weigh in? (No pun intended-okay, well maybe a little bit intended).  

I’m sure it’s hard enough to put on a skimpy outfit and shake what your momma gave you in front of thousands of people. I, for instance, wear a custom made sleeping bag zipped all the way up to my neck with feet and arm holes cut out every time I got to the beach, so I can’t even imagine what it would take to put on practically nothing and wear it in front of the masses. Why don’t we stop inviting people to publically ridicule women based on their looks? If you are going to ridicule someone, do it on the basis of how they act, or what they say (regardless of gender). As women we have a hard enough time trying to always be liked, attractive and desirable (and believe me, we all have the need to be at least one at any time in our lives). Why don’t we as ladies (and men) try to be a little nicer? It makes us all look bad to shame someone who is just trying to do her job and is harming no one in the process. (The exception, of course is if someone  has the nerve to be arbitrarily named most beautiful woman and clearly it is not deserved, then world of ridiculers, have at it. (FYI GP’s pinky toe is nothing to write home about either, am I right?)


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