Biological Clock, Smiological Clock.


So I read this article “Egg freezing should be every father’s graduation present to his daughter, claims leading fertility expert”

(Just so you know I got the book “Oh The Places You’ll Go,” for my graduation present from my parents, clearly a waste of money)

Is this something I need to worry about now? Seriously? For reals? This?!?! I guess I should have seen this coming. When I was young and would go to the grocery store with my mom she would check out all the eggs to make sure she got the freshest ones with the furthest expiration date. So really, this should have been on my radar.

Okay, no problem. I’ll just add that to this months worry list, along with:

The New Bird Flu

Will Iron Man 3 as good as Iron Man 1?

How many bags of Cool Ranch Doritos is “too much” to eat in a week?

Will Wolverine 2 be as bad as Wolverine 1?


Will the new Superman be good at all?

Can I have “it all”?

What is “it all?”

Do I possibly have a superhero movie obsession? (Check DSM-5 for symptoms)

Meat (tainted or otherwise)

And of course the ubiquitous,  ‘did that bitch just give me a dirty look? (Oh no she din’t)’

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