Youth is wasted on the dumb.


So I first read this and was sad, .

Getting Botox in your 20’s? That seems crazy.  Although sadly I must admit, I understand the inclination. Although a decade ago my beauty regime consisted of running water over my face (Or not. About 50 percent of the time I would fall asleep in my makeup) it’s a bit more involved now. 

(Picture the opening scene to Mommy Dearest.)

Starting every morning I drink a glass of water

Then in the shower I wash my face with a morning burst cleanser

I use and eye firming, wrinkle correcting cream (2x a day)

Retinal A, SPF 15, face cream (2x a day)

Hypoallergenic makeup

Teeth whitening strips (2x a week)

Apricot ‘flavored’ microdot abrasion scrub (3x a week)

Facemask Sunday (that is exactly what it sounds like)

Once in a while I’ll put cold spoons on my eyes (I’m not sure why. I saw it in a movie once and thought “why not?”)

Then another wash with an evening cleanser (I’m not sure that my face knows what time of day it is but the scientist behind formulating face washes seem to think so)

Is my skin flawless? Well, yes frankly it is. Is it worth it? Well, yes, again I think that it is. But Botox at 20? Ehhh I’m not so sure. You’re still practically a baby then.

So when did I decide that it was time to get serious about my skin care? I’m wondering if it’s in our DNA to start fretting about our looks no matter what our age. (Technically I think it actually might be in our DNA to look cute to attract a mate.) It’s all very confusing to one day be fine with your age and the next wish you were younger.

Then I read this article and some of my confusion made sense.

I guess I never realized how important my youth was to me. It’s not something I really ever thought about. My paranoia about getting older happened without me noticing it was coming.

For instance, my reaction to the first time I found a grey hair (about 2 years ago and haven’t seen one since) was perhaps slightly over the top. I burst into tears. Not like, “Oh well, this sucks”. I had an actual audible chocking cry accompanied by projectile tears that flew out of my eye sockets and landed on the mirror I was poring over. (I didn’t pluck it for fear 6 more would grow in its place) I don’t think I’m old enough to use the phrase “it’s no fun getting older” yet. My 90-year-old grandmother just started using that line and she looks amazing (she still doesn’t have grey hair). I remember a time when all I wanted to do was get older. I went to NYC and ended up in a weird basement in a tattoo shop getting my picture taken for my Maryland State fake ID just so I could be older. Even when I turned 25 and had yet to conquer the world I though of how cool it was going to be when I turned 30 and was going to be completely sure of myself, and every endeavor I tackled was going to be successful and awesome. (HA!) At which age do we start to want to get younger again?

Wanting to look beautiful is an important thing, but I think that girls are learning that their beauty is the only quality that is important. We have to teach them that other things are more important and that our worth is not based on how good we look (which is exactly the opposite of how society makes us feel).

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4 Responses to Youth is wasted on the dumb.

  1. I totally agree. Looking your best is important, but it shouldn’t be all you aspire to. Great post, thank you!

  2. hazel10141 says:

    …. I remember what it was like to have those same insecurities, although, back then, in the stone age, we didn’t have botox – we had whipped egg whites that would dry on your skin and make you look like Joan Rivers, but when you washed that stuff off the next morning, your face was flawless and smooth as a baby’s bottom! No injections, no doctors offices, and all for the price of an egg, which nowadays is probably about 25 cents. Ah, progress!

  3. Tell the kids to stay out of the tanning beds and they won’t need Botox at 22. I have patients that look like they’re 35 because they went morning and night. They also have melanoma! I started doing Botox at 25 faithfully and 4 years later I need tiny amounts here and there. Retinols are the best for anti-aging (besides sunblock!). And I hope your eye cream is pharmaceutical grade, because anything OTC can’t penetrate the skin deep enough to work. Check out Skinceuticals. They have amazing eye creams.

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