I like your rack.



When I read the title of this article I got very excited. I assumed it would be a pictorial spread of Hollywood celebrities’ racks decorated throughout their homes. Perhaps Amy Poehler’s cozy coat rack, Alec Baldwin’s hand made spice rack, Javier Bardem’s functional, but space saving shoe rack or Angelica Huston’s eco friendly drying rack. Because I couldn’t imagine that a magazine, not even a men’s magazine in the year 2012 would publish an article that is so explicitly demeaning, belittling, degrading, and completely disrespectful to women. How does one determine a “best rack” and did the person who wrote this article think for one second of how the women who are featured might feel about this? Or what their family, parents, children might think if they were to see this? What value does this put on female celebrities or on females in general? The answer is none. The captions next to these pictures make every person reading it know that women are no more than something to look at, take apart piece by piece and debase in anyway they see fit.

Making a possibly colossal and dramatic leap, I think of the recent Steubenville rape case (as well as these two similar and tragic cases: http://us.cnn.com/2013/04/10/justice/canada-teen-suicide?iref=obinsite,http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/04/12/17716055-trio-held-in-connection-with-sexual-assault-in-wake-of-teen-girls-suicide?lite) where two young men assaulted a drunk young woman repeatedly while several people watched, took pictures and video and where no one tried to stop it and protect this young woman or bothered to tell an adult afterward, is no doubt in my mind connected with society’s image that women bodies are property.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with admiring someone who is beautiful but this is not what is happening here. I’m fairly certain admiration doesn’t come with words such as “jugs, flawless set of twins, smooth as a baby’s bottom, perky rack, tatas, luscious breasts”. Are you kidding me? Why would any magazine publish such a thing? Aren’t we supposed to be creating more tolerance and understanding in people? Haven’t we evolved? Shouldn’t we be teaching men and women that women are not objects they can lust after, pick apart and pejoratively describe with no thought whatsoever that they are talking about an actual human being.

This despicable and disgusting “article” can easily be summed up in the line “We’re not really sure what she’s [Halle Berry] been up to since Catwoman, but we also don’t really care. The image of her chest squeezed into that tiny pleather suit is good enough to last a lifetime,” or perhaps “Dream worthy jugs that are also edible? Sweet.” Barf.

This type of thing is not okay. The title of this article came up while I was reading something else on the Internet. I wasn’t searching for it in anyway. Does that mean our kids can be doing research on current events and come across trash like this. I’ve never believed in censorship or curtailing people’s right to express themselves but this isn’t about the first amendment this is about changing the view of society that still believes it’s perfectly acceptable to describe 50 percent of the population with words like “Cleavage that goes on for days”.

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3 Responses to I like your rack.

  1. I’ve learned from my baby boy that men spend their ENTIRE lives playing with their dingdangs and trying to get back to mama’s teats. The guy who wrote this stupid article should have had to disclose his obsession with his mom on each caption. “This pair really reminds me of my mama.” Waaaaaaa.” “Oooo, these are darker than my mama’s, but they still make me think of my mama. Waaaaaaa. Milk!” Go to therapy, you jackass (not you – the dude who did the article)

  2. hazel10141 says:

    I want to see an article in Ladies Home Journal or Woman’s Day called “Nice Balls” that would feature men posed in ways that would show off their nether regions barely covered and have them critiqued – let’s see how they like it, dammit!

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