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Biological Clock, Smiological Clock.

So I read this article “Egg freezing should be every father’s graduation present to his daughter, claims leading fertility expert” (Just so you know I got the book “Oh The Places You’ll Go,” for my graduation present from my … Continue reading

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Mother of the year, she ain’t.

So this woman has been in the news for writing a letter to a UK newspaper about how she didn’t want kids. ( Whoa, seriously lady, tell us how you really feel. I’m sure every psychiatrist within a 30-mile radius is … Continue reading

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Youth is wasted on the dumb.

So I first read this and was sad, . Getting Botox in your 20’s? That seems crazy.  Although sadly I must admit, I understand the inclination. Although a decade ago my beauty regime consisted of running water over my face (Or … Continue reading

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I like your rack. When I read the title of this article I got very excited. I assumed it would be a pictorial spread of Hollywood celebrities’ racks decorated throughout their homes. Perhaps Amy Poehler’s cozy coat rack, Alec Baldwin’s hand made spice rack, Javier … Continue reading

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Reasons why you are still single.

A married friend of mine said to me the other day “Wow, what is it like to be single? It’s been so long since I’ve had a first date. It must be awesome.” (Okay, so I don’t actually have a … Continue reading

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Feminism or Fairytale?

In my teens and 20’s I was confused. But fortunately for me, I didn’t know I was confused or what I was confused about. In fact, I thought I was the opposite of confused. I was completely sure of myself. … Continue reading

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