Jada Pinkett Smith gains 8-10 pounds and isn’t instantly tarred and feathered for the repulsive human being she has become. Bravo World.



Perhaps you heard recently that Jada Pinkett Smith as gained 8-10 pounds on her tiny frame and is fine with it. Oh no? You haven’t?

Well you can catch up here http://en-maktoob.news.yahoo.com/jada-pinkett-smith-enjoys-weight-gain-115820410.html

Or in this completely different article about it http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/entertainment/2014/02/jada-pinkett-smith-flaunts-fuller-figure/

Or then there is this one. http://celebrity.yahoo.com/news/jada-pinkett-smith-says-shes-gained-8-10-000000251-us-weekly.html;_ylt=AwrBEiQc_hBTDQ0AzRrQtDMD

Or maybe you noticed the day she said it she was the number seven trending item on Yahoo!

Is this really “news”? (I’m clearly not using the proper definition of news which would be newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events, but instead the way that we actually use the word news to mean anything any celebrity or non celebrity says, tweets, instagrams, or snapchats.- Do I sound enough like a crotchety old man yet? No? Don’t worry, I’ll get there) And even by that standard this is hardly “news”. So why is it such a big deal? Continue reading

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Who is that sad, fat ballerina?


Sometimes you can’t help it. You feel really great about life; sassy, empowered, pretty and witty and bright. And sometimes you want to lie in the fetal position in a corner with a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos attached feedbag style to your face, drinking blueberry Schnapps through a straw out of a commemorative plastic cup you got when you were six at Wildwood N.J. in complete darkness save for the jasmine scented candle flickering shadows on the wall to the dolorous sounds of Morrissey (which is on repeat on your iPod) wrapping your body (despite the 80 degree weather) in a comforter that may or may not have been washed less than a dozen times since you bought it freshman year of college and is covered in various mystery stains.  Continue reading

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Part of Your World




This video has three of my all time favorite things. Singing, Disney Princesses and a message of parity in the work force for women and men. Enjoy! And I dare you to try and get “Part of Your World” out of your head for the rest of the day. (Thanks Danielle).  

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O Sister, Where Art Thou?


The other day I was flipping through the channels and somehow landed in the middle of a Nicolas Cage movie (full disclosure, no somehow about it, every time I see something is staring Nicolas cage I always give if it a few minutes to see him go over the top in every capacity). It was a movie called Next. I can’t remember if I was aware of this movie when it came out but after watching about 20 minutes (okay fine, I probably watched 75 percent of this movie) and reading the movie description I surmised that Nick Cage is a man who can see the future…but only like 2 minutes ahead.Uhhhhh that’s probably really great for um…well…uhh…knowing when the next commercial break is going to be so you can get up and make a snack? Anticipating the UPS guy knocking on your door (two minutes from now)?  I’m not sure how else two minutes of extra knowledge about upcoming events might benefit you, but terrible plots are not the point of this post. I guess the FBI or something wanted to use him to stop a nuclear bomb…or something. And I could get behind all of that, but here is where the movie started to unravel for me. Nicolas Cage’s love interest was Jessica Biel. Ummm isn’t she like 20 years younger than him? I honestly thought at some point we were going to find out she was his daughter but then they kissed and I was all, “Ehhh, well, no, I guess not”. Continue reading

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Barbie, harsh truth…you look fat, hon.


I have many people in my life mating with their spouses and subsequently producing children which means I am in Babies ‘R’ Us more than my fair share. And sometimes whilst walking through the aisles of cute baby clothes my uterus smugly points out I had better “get on it” and make a person small enough to wear these clothes soon because “time is a-tickin’” (my smug uterus sometimes has a folksy way about her). Most of the time I’m on board with my smug uterus while picking through the plethora of tutus, leopard print onesies and baby overalls. Continue reading

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Thank you Mr. Carter



I dont know who this Jimmy Carter person is (kidding) but I think he is great and right on the money.


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Joan of Arc would totally be into Twerking.


It’s official. I’m old. Why have I come to this revelation?  Well, besides my hip making a noise no human body part should make when lifting from a chair, I just found out there is a pop culture phenomena all the cool kids are doing that, up until two days ago I had no idea existed. No, not the Harlem Shake, although to this day anytime anyone mentions it I don’t think ‘spastic dance’, I pictured a delicious, creamy drink dessert made in the northern part of Manhattan.  I speak instead of the other spastic dance “craze” called Twerking.  Continue reading

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